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Spring 2001 (9.1)
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Guba Getaway

Azerbaijan's first European-style holiday resort, the Long Forest Chalet, opened in June 2000 in the Guba region. Located along the Guruchay River, 20 km northwest of Guba and two hours from Baku, the resort offers 10 air-conditioned cabins, a sauna complex, conference facilities and a restaurant/bar. Horseback riding, table tennis, volleyball, walking and trekking are available at the site; fishing, off-roading and hunting can be arranged upon request. Guba is situated at the foothills of the Lower Caucasus and was formerly one of the main fruit-producing regions of the Soviet Union. Accommodations are $25 per person on weekdays and $35 on weekends, including breakfast.

Long Forest Chalet Resort
Tel: (99-269) 50-505 or Adam's Diner (99-412) 93-08-07
Mobile: (99-450) 313-3772


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