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Unocal - Environment via Art

Baku's Studio of Ecological Posters was established in 1998 by the T. Ismayilov Art Group in order to give Azerbaijani children a love for nature and an appreciation for the environment through art. Galina Churilova is head of this studio, which works with close to 40 children aged 5-15.

Left: The children's art group led by Galina Churilova have been focusing on environmental issues by painting posters and designing clothes. Here the children pose at the entrance of Baku's Maiden's Tower. The art group is sponsored by Unocal.

Unocal Khazar Ltd. has been working with the art studio ever since 1999, when it first applied to the company for sponsorship. Unocal agreed to purchase paints and supplies so that the children could create works that draw public awareness to the environment. This past year, Unocal decided to base its new 2001 calendars on artwork from children at the studio.

The children choose specific issues to address, whether they be pollution, endangered species or protecting Azerbaijani culture. Often the children come up with imaginative ways to solve problems. For example, one girl suggested putting all of the waste from factories into balloons and then sending them out into space. Another boy suggested putting all of the cars underground.

Besides pictures and posters, the children are also involved in painting designs on clothes, such as birds and insects. They hold fashion shows to display their wearable artwork.

Each year, the children's best posters and artwork are displayed in an exhibition at the Children's Gallery in Baku.

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