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Winter 2000 (8.4)
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Loss of Faith - Greatest Casualty

The greatest casualty of Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act is not that we are deprived of millions of dollars to help us transition to democratic processes as we totally rethink our educational, scientific, legislative, judicial and economic systems.

"No, the greatest casualty is the loss of faith and trust that average citizens of Azerbaijan feel towards the United States and the democratic process. Disillusionment and skepticism are settling in. We trusted the U.S. We thought, and still believe, that democracy is based on truth, and that justice always prevails in the long run. It is incomprehensible to us that the selfish, short-sighted interests of small ethnic groups can drive U.S. foreign policy, especially when such decisions run counter to America's long-term interests in the region."

Hafiz Pashayev
Azerbaijan's Ambassador to the United States

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