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907 - Lose, Lose, Lose

The saddest thing about 907 is that it benefits no one in the South Caucasus - not Azerbaijan, not the United States, not even Armenia. Even Armenians, who initiated this law in the U.S. Congress denying aid to Azerbaijan, are victimized by the continued imposition of 907. The truth is, everyone loses.

"Neither Azerbaijan nor Armenia can fully develop economically until there is peace in Nagorno-Karabakh. There are many obstacles to such a peace, but I can assure you that the problem will not be resolved as long as 907 bars the way.

Along with Russia and France, the U.S. plays a broker's role in attempting to facilitate a settlement. [The U.S. is a co-chair along with France and Russia in the Minsk Group of OSCE - Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe]. But our task would be far less onerous and more likely to succeed if 907 did not cause the parties to question the capacity of the United States to act as an honest broker in this affair.

"The Clinton Administration has consistently opposed 907 and has often called for Congressional repeal, without effect. I do hope that the next Congress will be prevailed upon to repeal the effects of 907, or that the next President will find it possible to waive it.

"We need to clear the decks - to untie my successor's hands so that he and the foreign policy community in Washington can join with the governments of the region in unfettered pursuit of our many common interests."

Stanley Escudero
U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan (1997-Sept. 2000)

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