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Winter 2000 (8.4)
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Japanese Finances Industrial Complex

Nichimen Corporation, a Japanese company, has spent $90 million on reconstruction of the Sumgayit Chemistry Industrial Complex, which will soon be put into commission. This ethylene-propylene steam generator complex will reliably provide fuel and energy, not only for petrochemical works of the city, but for other works as well.

Construction of the complex was officially begun on March 24, 1999 at a ceremony attended by President Aliyev. Building materials for the project came from companies in Japan, Turkey, the U.S., the Czech Republic as well as from the CIS and Azerbaijan.

Yoshiyuki Kitagawa, Chief Representative
17 Taghiyev, Baku
Tel: (99-412) 93-72-39, 93-27-45
Fax: (99-412) 98-86-79


Photos: The new ethylene-propylene steam generator complex which is part of the Sumgayit Chemistry Industrial Complex. This $90 million project has been undertaken by the Japanese and is being reconstructed by Nichimen Corporation.
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