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Mehdiyev Jubilee

Shafaat Mehdiyev's 90th Jubilee was celebrated on December 19 in Baku in recognition of his scientific contributions related to his theory about the genesis of oil. Shafaat Farhad Mehdiyev was born on December 15, 1910 in the village of Shelkun in Iran's Sarab district but grew up in Baku's Sabunchu (then Lenin) district.

In 1930, he began studying geology at the Azerbaijan Oil Institute. He defended his diploma in 1934 and started working as a geologist for "Aznefterazvedka" (Oil Survey of Azerbaijan) and in the survey field in Mardakan and later as a senior geologist in the Mardakan-Turkan survey group. For a few years, he also served as the editor for publications such as "Young Worker," "Azerbaijani Athlete" and "Young Bolshevik".

In 1939, he was appointed the head of the Geological Fund of Azerbaijan and in 1940 became the head of the Absheron Geological Survey.

Mehdiyev completed his graduate study in geological-mineralogical sciences at Azerbaijan's Academy of Sciences and defended his dissertation after returning from World War II.

In 1951 he became professor. From 1954 to 1958, Mehdiyev served as the director of Azerbaijan's Institute of Geology. In 1958 he became a member of the Academy of Sciences and went on to mentor 37 doctoral students in geological mineralogical sciences. His held the position of Rector at Azerbaijan State University [1958-1965].

Mehdiyev wrote more than 190 scientific works, including 25 monographs, training manuals and scientific works - mostly about oil and gas deposits. He also served as the editor and compiler for geological and tectonic maps of Azerbaijan and its oil and gas fields. In addition, he wrote a significant number of poems, plays and satiric novels.

Mehdiyev died on his birthday in 1993 and is buried in Fakhri Khiyaban (Alley of the Honored Ones). His son Arif is General Director of the Azerbaijan National Aerospace Agency [See
Aerospace article in AI 3.2 , Summer 1995]. Another son Agshin currently heads the Department of Europe, U.S. and Canada in Azerbaijan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs [See Quotable Quotes in this issue].

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