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Total Fina Elf

TOTAL FINA ELF Petroleum Lankaran-Talysh B.V. will have begun using the new Trident-20 jack-up rig - recently renamed Qurtulush - in the Lankaran Daniz-Talysh Daniz block. Drilling operations began September 21. Equipped with a four-story living module for 100 people, the rig will be able to drill in water depths of up to 105 meters, penetrating to 7,622 meters.

The rig was launched from Kaspnefteflot shipyard on August 29, 2000 at a ceremony attended by President Heydar Aliyev, members of the government, management of SOCAR and representatives of overseas petroleum companies. The Azerbaijani-Russian-Singaporean joint venture Caspian Shipyard Company, the construction operator, was founded by SOCAR, LUKoil and Fels from Singapore.

The jack-up is virtually ready for marine tests scheduled to last 60 days. After the testing is over, a commissioning act will be signed with the owner of the rig, the international group Transocean Sedco Forex.


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