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Language in Global Context

I was delighted to read the Spring 2000 Issue of Azerbaijan International "Language and Alphabet in Transition" (AI 8.1), and in particular the excellent articles on the language and alphabet question.
For someone who has been actively involved in helping to modernize the training of Azerbaijani translators and interpreters, I was, of course, thrilled at such a successful attempt to bring the present-day problems of Azerbaijan to the attention of a wide community.

UNESCO, as you may know, initiated the organizing, in May 1999, of a conference on Future Aspects of Translation, Interpretation and Terminology in Azerbaijan in the New Global Context. It was held at the State Institute of Languages and Baku State University. Being concerned with the promotion of multilingual communication and language engineering, as well as with all aspects of cultural identity, UNESCO considers this conference to have been both relevant and timely for Azerbaijan.

We take pride in having opened, earlier this month, our first UNESCO Chair in Translation Studies at the State Institute of Languages. In a more general way, allow me to compliment you on the quality of your publication. It presents intelligent and largely objective information allowing interested readers to familiarize themselves with the major issues facing the country. Keep up the good work!

Horst Gödicke, Director
Programme for Central and Eastern European Development, (PROCEED) UNESCO
Paris, France


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