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War Trauma Workshop

The International Workshop on War Trauma will be held October 12-19, 2000 at Western University in Baku. The conference is being organized by the Azerbaijan Psychologists Association to train psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and mental health specialists who are assisting refugees and victims of the Karabakh War. Despite the fact that the effects of the war are nearly 10 years old, this is the first conference on the Treatment of Psychological Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Azerbaijan.

The trauma to those who survive the war is often more devastating than death itself. Its effects can plague the individual, family and community for generations to come. The symptoms are often manifested through despair, insomnia, chronic depression, panic, social withdrawal and outbursts of anger. Azerbaijan's refugees are at greatest risk, having suffered ongoing and chronic loss of personal possessions, sense of belonging to community and land, identity, source of income as well as their position and role in society.

The APA has invited four international experts for the conference: Trauma Psychologist / PTSD specialist Mark Sandman, Psychotherapist Sayid-Mohsan Jalali-Tehrani and Psychologists Marina Berkovskaya and Elaine Archambeau.

Dr. Javad Afandi
Tel: (99-412) 93-85-28 or Mobile: (50) 210-82-69


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