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Azerbaijani Studies at Indiana University

Photo: Azerbaijani class at Indiana University, from left to right: Megan Weedr, Prof. Shahyar Daneshgar, Shannon O'Lear, Zeri Rayerson and Jim Dasney.

Indiana University, located in Bloomington, Indiana, was one of the first institutions in the U.S. to become a visionary and pioneer in the field of Soviet and East European Studies, with a concentration on the Central Eurasian regions. The university's interest in Azerbaijani studies dates back to the 1950s. In fact, the university press published the first Azerbaijani textbook in English, "Basic Course in Azerbaijani," in 1963 by Fred Householder.

Presently, Indiana University is the only U.S. campus where Azerbaijani language is being taught. This past summer for the third time, the introductory course was taught by Shahyar Daneshgar as part of the Summer Workshop in Slavic, Central Asian and Caucasian Languages. Four students received full scholarships to study Azeri.

Indiana University is also working in direct relationship with several Azerbaijani universities. In 1998, it received a U.S. government grant for university linkage programs in public administration with Western University in Baku through Indiana University's School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA). In this three-year project, SPEA is working to establish a master's degree program in Public Administration.

In 1999, Indiana University received a second major grant for a linkage program with Baku State University. Already, this collaboration has resulted in the establishment of an American Studies Center at Baku State, equipped with an Internet-enabled computer center.

In addition, this grant provides for an exchange of four to six scholars annually between Baku State and Indiana University. In September 2000, Baku State Rector Abel Maharramov will visit Indiana University for discussions about future cooperation between the two institutions.

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