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Zaur Nazarly Memorial Fund

A memorial scholarship fund has been established at Khazar University dedicated to the memory of Zaur Nazarly. In the summer of 1998, Zaur, 21, tragically died in a drowning accident in the Caspian. He had just completed his Master's degree at Georgia State University in Atlanta. Zaur had completed his undergraduate work at Khazar University (KU) in Baku and worked in Accounting at both Ernst & Young and Arthur Andersen Consultants.

Zaur is remembered for his activism. He was among the first Azerbaijani youths to win scholarship aid to study abroad after the collapse of the Soviet Union. While in the States, he helped launch the first Azerbaijani Newslist on the Internet. He is remembered and admired for his personal integrity, hard work, and his commitment to building the future of Azerbaijan.

The first Zaur Nazarly Awards will be presented in May 2001 to two MBA students at Khazar
University who have exemplary academic and community records.

The Board of Trustees administering the scholarship includes: Prof. Jamal Musayev (Emory University, Atlanta, GA), Prof. Bijan Fazlollahi (Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA), Sanan Ismayilov (Arthur Andersen Co., Baku) and Hamlet Isakhanli, Khazar's President.

To contribute to the Fund, contact Dr. Jamal Musayev, Chairman of the Zaur Nazarly Fund:
3052 Margavera Terrace
GA 30341, USA
Tel: (404) 727-2382
Fax: (404) 727-7412

For Zaur's impressions as a student in the U.S., and articles about "Doing Business in Azerbaijan" that he wrote while working at Ernst and Young, SEARCH at

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