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Azeri Grammar - Finally!

Students trying to learn the Azeri language will greatly appreciate the new 400-page textbook "Elementary Azerbaijani," written and published by Kurtulush Oztopchu (2000: Shafak Offset Press: Istanbul). This volume marks a milestone in linguistic history, as it is the first major grammar book in English to use the official Latin script of the Azerbaijan Republic. It has been ten years in the making.

Azeri is spoken by 8 million people in the Azerbaijan Republic, plus an estimated 25-30 million Azerbaijanis in Iran and possibly 2-3 million people scattered throughout the rest of the world in Russia, Europe and the United States.

The text also includes drills in Azeri Cyrillic, as many books were published in this script during the Soviet period (1920-1991). It contains conversations, expressions and proverbs, cultural notes and drills. The appendices include conjugations. An Azerbaijani-English / English-Azerbaijani glossary contains 2,400 words.

The author, Dr. Kurtulush Oztopchu, (
oztopcu@ taught Azeri in summer sessions at UCLA from 1993-1997, as part of the John D. Soper Central Asian Language Institute. He has written several scholarly books relating to Turkic languages, including an article published in Azerbaijan International comparing the grammars of Turkish and Azerbaijani (Autumn 1993, AI 1.3).

"Elementary Azerbaijani" may be obtained from Azerbaijan International at its Web site STORE at or contact: The text is $30; an accompanying series of three CDs with pronunciation and conversations is an additional $30. Add $10 for international shipments.

Editor: Highly recommended. The book for learning Azeri that we've all been waiting for!

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