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Autumn 2000 (8.3)
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New Books
Vagif Samadoghlu

Vagif (1939- ), the son of famous Azerbaijani poet Samad Vurghun, has just been named National Poet of Azerbaijan by President Aliyev. "Far Green Island" (Uzag, Yashil Ada), his third volume of poetry, is now available in Azeri Cyrillic. In his poems, many written in the 1960s, Vagif tells what it was like to be a poet who was supposed to praise the Soviet system with every word. "The day I took up my pen, I discovered that I was a slave," Vagif writes. Many of the poems in this volume could not be made public until after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

"Far Green Island" and Vagif's previous volume, "God, I Am Here," are available via local bookstores in Baku or by contacting AI at


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