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Heyerdahl Memoir

"In the Footsteps of Adam" is the title of Thor Heyerdahl's new autobiography. Heyerdahl, 86, is known to thousands of admirers world wide as "Kon-Tiki Man" from his travels in a balsa raft across the Pacific. He has visited Azerbaijan four times, most recently in September 2000. Heyerdahl's fascination with Azerbaijan, described in the book, began in 1981 when he made his first trip to the prehistoric caves of Gobustan southwest of Baku. Intrigued with the carvings of reed boats, Heyerdahl became convinced that this part of the world has a history of navigation that dates back thousands of years, possibly 1,000, or even 2,000 years prior to Egypt's. He theorizes that Scandinavian ancestors trace their roots to the region that is now Azerbaijan.

The book provides captivating reading about the struggles of an idealistic archeologist and historian who risked his life to prove that Eurocentric theories of ancient migration patterns were flawed.

Also included are fascinating photos of his family, oceanic travels, Heyerdahl with historical figureheads such as Khrushchev, Gorbachev and Indira Gandhi and of the women who have played major roles in his family life.

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"In the Footsteps of Adam" by Thor Heyerdahl (London: Little, Brown and Company, 2000, 313 pages, £18.99. ISBN 0316853208).


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