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Azerbaijan with Georgia

Mark Elliott truly deserves credit for being a trailblazer with his new travel book that came out in 1999, the first one to come out for the Caucasus. This volume exemplifies the author's passion for the region, as he takes you by the hand and whisks you away, down the back alleys of Baku's City and up to barely accessible remote mountain villages, to show you something that has caught his eye. The text is supplemented with 140 meticulously hand-drawn maps and sketches and 110 explanatory visuals.

Undoubtedly, there will be many more printings of this well-deserved volume. We hope that future editions will be more consistent in spelling place names through Azeri (not Russian) into English. As it stands, the spelling is chaotic, but this in itself reflects the situation in Azerbaijan during this transitional period, as Azerbaijanis reclaim their own language. Highly recommended.

"Azerbaijan with Georgia" by Mark Elliott (Trailblazer Publications, 1999, 320 pages, $21.95, ISBN 187375633X).

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