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Autumn 2000 (8.3)
Pages 85-86

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Baku Architecture

Shamil Fatullayev has painstakingly put together an extraordinary record of Baku's architecture in this Russian-language encyclopedia, with hundreds of photos, renderings and plans. Especially valuable is the book's coverage of buildings from the Oil Boom period.

One of book's difficulties is that its explanation was written during the Soviet period, when glorifying the capitalism system was frowned upon. As a result, many of the owners of these magnificent houses are not listed, including oil barons as famous as Taghiyev. Now that Azerbaijan is independent, many of these buildings have different storefronts, making Fatullayev's volume an extremely valuable resource.

"Architectural Encyclopedia of Baku" by Shamil Fatullayev (International Academy of Architecture of the Eastern Countries, Baku - Ankara, 1998, 544 pages, approx. $50). Copies are available in bookshops in Baku.


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