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Azerbaijan could easily be called "The Land of Jam". Azerbaijanis make jam from almost anything - walnuts, watermelon and even rose petals. Jam varies from region to region according to the availability of fruits. Each summer, Azerbaijani women buy large amounts of fruit and sugar in order to make a large supply of preserves to last throughout the winter.

The most popular jams are made from plums, raspberries, mulberries, pears, peaches, melons, figs, strawberries and cherries. Though, perhaps, regional, jams can be made from grapes, pumpkin and pomegranates. You can find preserved apricots stuffed with almonds. Even eggplants can be used as a base for jam. Another type of jam is made from "Paradise Apple", called "Jannat Almasi" in Azeri. This small fruit tastes like a cherry and has a stem, but it's really a tiny apple. Pictured here are quince and plum jams.

If you visit an Azerbaijani home, undoubtedly you'll be served homemade jam along with black tea. When tea is served, you'll discover that in the Republic, it's rare for Azerbaijanis to offer sugar. Instead they're more likely to offer jam. Azerbaijanis put a small spoonful of jam in their mouth and sip the tea through the jam.


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