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Summer 2000 (8.2)


Ibrahim Zeynalov

A sculptor in his own right, Ibrahim Zeynalov, has created numerous monuments including those honoring Shah Ismayil Khatai, playwright Akhundov, satirist Sabir, oil baron philanthropist Taghiyev, and Karl Marx (now demolished). Since 1994, he has directed Baku's National Art Museum. Under his leadership, the halls are being renovated and many of the works repaired. Zeynalov provided the overview of what visitors to the museum can expect to see.

Katana Sharifova

On numerous occasions since we first started publishing our magazine, children's art instructor Katana Sharifova has helped us identify some of Azerbaijan's most promising budding artists. Again, here she organized material so that we can share some of the delightful impressions children have painted about the medieval part of their city - Ichari Shahar. Sharifova currently directs the art program for the Oxford School.

Shamil Fatullayev

Shamil Fatullayev, architectural historian, is the recognized authority on Baku's architecture, whether it be the medieval period or the Oil Boom period of last century. He has been tireless in his pursuit to document Baku's unique architecture, publishing several extremely valuable books, full of photos, renderings, details and floor plans. His latest book is the 522 page "Architectural Encyclopedia of Baku" published by Figarov Press in Ankara, 1998.

Elin Suleymanov
Though the novel, "Ali and Nino" was penned three quarters of a century ago, Elin Suleymanov was so impressed with the author's awareness of the Caucasus that he couldn't put the book down. Elin, as Press Officer at Azerbaijan's Embassy in Washington, D. C. knows how hard it is to initiate foreign journalists about his part of the world. He wrote this Book Review hoping to encourage people to pick up a book that he feels will challenge stereotypes of what it means to be a true Caucasian.

Mammadreza Bakikhanov

What's it like to grow up in a home that later gets converted into a museum? Mammadreza Bakikhanov, is one of the musician sons of Ahmad Bakikhanov who grew up listening to his father play tar and meeting his father's friends who were the musical giants of the day. The personal collection of Ahmad Bakikhanov's folk instruments forms the basis of this small, but extremely charming and compelling museum.

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