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Schlumberger to Open Training Center

Schlumberger in AzerbaijanSchlumberger has announced that it will open the Schlumberger Caspian Training Center (SCTC) in April 2000.

Photo: The New Schlumberger Caspian Training Center which should open in April 2000.

The 1,500-square-meter office and training facility, located at Shikhovo Beach, will house Schlumberger's divisions: Anadrill, Dowell, Geco-Prakla, Geoquest, Integrated Project Management (IPM), Sedco-Forex and Wireline & Testing.

Schlumberger started offering courses in Azerbaijan in March 1999, training Azerbaijani oil specialists and others in subjects such as drilling, production engineering, formation evaluation, reservoir engineering and safety. Since that date, the company has offered 20 courses to more than 300 men and women from BP Amoco and other major companies. Course attendees typically have several years of experience in the oil industry and are aged 25 to 40.

The SCTC's new training facilities will feature computers and audio-visual equipment, as well as simultaneous translation in Azeri, English and Russian. Computer simulations will give trainees hands-on experience in oilfield production, as they "work" in various capacities as project managers, geologists, drilling engineers and drilling superintendents.

Schlumberger, founded in 1927, is an international technical company selling products and services that improve productivity. The company first came to Azerbaijan in 1929, when a contract signed with the USSR allowed the Schlumberger brothers (Conrad and Marcel) to operate in many large oilfields in the Baku and Grozny areas.

Today, Schlumberger comprises three businesses operating worldwide: Oilfield Services, Resource Management Services and Test & Transactions. The multicultural company has operations in more than 100 countries with 64,000 employees. In 1998, its revenue was $11.82 billion.

Schlumberger returned to Azerbaijan in 1994 and began to provide services for a number of oil companies (SOCAR, CIPCO, NAOC, BP Amoco, AIOC, Deminex (Wintershell), Elf, Ramco). Every Schlumberger Oilfield Services product line (Wireline, Testing, Dowell, GeoQuest, Geco-Prakla, Sedco-Forex, Anadrill, IPM) is now presented in Azerbaijan. Today Schlumberger is involved in two joint ventures in Azerbaijan - Caspian Geophysical (Marine Seismic) and Azlab (subsurface sampling test analysis).

Schlumberger's administration office is currently located at 2 Khanlar Street. Tel: (99-412) 97-46-36; Fax: 97-46-49.

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