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James Bond in Azerbaijan

I was very surprised to see Azerbaijan International magazine afford publicity to the latest James Bond film. Encouraged by your favorable review, I watched the movie and was quite shocked.

The plot is about an Azeri (played in the film by a French national) with shady ex-KGB allies who has what is presented as an "insane plot" to build a pipeline to export oil through Turkey at any cost. This "insanity" is prevented by the British. The film explicitly names Azerbaijan itself - usually against a background of industrial desolation or immoral excess.

I can think of many people in Azerbaijan-beginning at the highest levels-who would be morally offended by this. In addition, the little actual footage shot in Azerbaijan shows Baku as a wasteland of old oil derricks and abandoned oilfields, and Azeris are shown as gambling fiends. Villagers are portrayed as Russian-speaking Christians. Is this really the image of Azerbaijan that you think should be promoted?

Paul Ware
Bellaire, Texas

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