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"Eyewitness of the Century" - Autumn 1999 Issue

We received quite a number of responses to our Autumn issue, "Eyewitness of the Century" which featured interviews related to some of the most determining events that shaped the 20th century. It's an issue that shouldn't be missed if you're trying to get an overview of the stark realities of the Soviet system as they played out in Azerbaijan.

I just received the Autumn 1999 issue of Azerbaijan International, "Eyewitness of the Century". It's your best yet! Indeed, it is so good that I think it should become a resource for high schools and universities across the U.S. Though its scope is really broader than Azerbaijan, it does a remarkable job of making the Azerbaijani experience understandable and human - something students especially need. Your people deserve the highest praise. I stayed up much too late last evening reading it from cover to cover.

Paul Goble
Communications Director
Washington D.C
Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

The "Eyewitness" issue is the best yet-a fascinating series of windows on the past century.

Tom and Elizabeth Young
Former British Ambassador to Azerbaijan (1993-1997)
Lusaka, Zambia

I'm an FSA (Freedom Support Act) foreign exchange high school senior studying in Michigan. You can't imagine how glad I was to read your magazine, especially being so far from home. All I can say is (and I hope that I translate it accurately from Azeri into English): "Thank you for being."

Timur Aliyev
Elk Rapids, Michigan

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