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Winter 1999 (7.4)
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Azgallery: World - Class Art

Thanks for making this web site: It's first class and perhaps, one of the nicest things that has been done for Azerbaijan in a long time. Someone really knew what they were doing as it loads very fast, considering that it has so many photos. I'll help spread the word to others. Well done, and again my congratulations and appreciation.

Bob Ferris
Houston - Baku Sister Cities Association
Houston, Texas

Editor: AZgallery features more than 1,000 art works created by nearly 100 Azeri artists including those of Birlikda. The Web site is a free venue for Azerbaijani artists and was designed and produced by Azerbaijan International magazine. It enables art lovers all over the world to contact the artists directly via telephone or e-mail. Check out the "Featured Artist of the Week" at AZgallery.ORG.

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