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Azerbaijan Holiday Calendar for 2000

January 1
January 8
January 20

March 8
March 17
March 20-21
May 9
May 28

June 15
June 26
September 1
October 18

November 12
November 17
December 31
New Year's Day
Bayram Ramazan (End of Ramadan)
Day of Martyrs

International Women's Day
Gurban Bayrami
Novruz Bayrami (Festival of Spring)
Victory Day
Republic Day

National Salvation Day
Army Day
Music Day
National Independence Day

Constitution Day
Day of National Revival
Day of International Solidarity of Azerbaijanis

1 Marks the end of the traditional Muslim month of fasting, Ramadan. Lunar calendar.

2 Commemorates victims of Black January (1990) and the Karabakh War
(1988- ).

3 Religious holiday commemorating Abraham's sacrifice of his son, Ismayil. Lunar calendar.

4 Holiday from Soviet period celebrating Soviet victory over Germans in World War II.

5 Founding of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan (ADR), the nation's first independent government (1918-1920). Most important national holiday.

6 When Parliament invited Heydar Aliyev to Baku to lead the country (1993).

7 Commemorating the establishment of Azerbaijan's first army under the independent government of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (1918).

8 Birthday of Uzeyir Hajibeyov (1885-1948), composer and founder of the classical music movement in Azerbaijan. Not an official holiday but annually marks the opening of the Theater season. Hajibeyov's 115th Jubilee will be commemorated in 2000.

9 When Azerbaijan declared its independence from the Soviet Union (1991). The USSR officially collapsed on December 7, 1991.

10 When the new Constitution, Azerbaijan's fourth, was ratified by voters (1995).

11 When the first demonstrations broke out in Azerbaijan against Moscow's policies as they related to Nagorno - Karabakh (1988).

12 When Azerbaijanis broke down the barriers (during the Soviet period in 1989) along the border that separates them (North Azerbaijan) from (South Azerbaijan) Iran. An estimated 25 million or more Azerbaijanis live in Iran today. The holiday is intended to foster solidarity among Azerbaijanis throughout the world.

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