Autumn 1999 (7.3)


 Nigar Afandiyeva Maxwell
Azerbaijan's independence [1918-1920] set the precedent for much of what has transpired in this country since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Here Nigar Afandiyeva Maxwell, who is doing post-doctoral research on the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, describes the final session of Parliament before its collapse on April 28, 1920, when the Bolsheviks took over. She also describes the fate of 15 of the most distinguished Members of Parliament. Page 20.

 Jean Patterson
Most of the material for this issue was gathered in interviews in Baku. It was Jean Patterson in Los Angeles who transformed the eyewitness accounts of these historical fragments and anecdotes into structured narratives that have the feel of literary journalism. Jean has been a principal force on the editorial staff of AI since 1997.

 Husein Abbaszade
Husein Abbaszade, a highly decorated senior lieutenant during World War II, never dreamed that one day he would be writing about his war experiences, which began when he was 19 years old. He survived the war and went on to pen four novels and nearly 100 short stories. He has been honored as National Writer of Azerbaijan and Honored Art Worker. In 1984, he received a State Prize for his novel "Burulganlar" (Whirlpool). Page 36.

 Farida Sadikhova
As a child, Farida Sadikhova listened to her relatives talk about how fate had thrust them together in a faraway land-Kazakhstan. Here she translates her uncle's memoir of how his family was sent there in exile via cattle car in 1937, when he was only seven years old. Farida herself is finishing her Master's thesis on Byron's poetry and works on AI's editorial staff. Page 30.

 Yagub Karimov
Yagub Karimov is virtually a walking encyclopedia of Baku history. He has spent a lifetime collecting postcards, stamps, anecdotes and trivia about this city that he is so passionate about. With his wealth of historic knowledge, Yakub has contributed to our magazine since its inception in 1993. He also serves as President of the Azerbaijan-Finland Association.

From Azerbaijan International (7.3) Autumn 1999.
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