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SOCAR Section
Eni - Malaria Project

Eni, the Italian oil and natural gas company has joined the World Health Organization (WHO) in financing a major Malaria Control Project in Azerbaijan. In 1998, Azerbaijan reported 5,175 cases of malaria; unfortunately, 20,000 cases are anticipated in 1999. Particularly susceptible are refugees who have been housed in camps close to marshy regions in Southern Azerbaijan and whose immune systems have already been compromised because of inadequate diet and poor health conditions.

The objective of the three-year project (estimated at more than $757,000) is to support Azerbaijan's Ministry of Health in preventing and controlling malaria by providing anti-malarial drugs, laboratory equipment, insecticides and spraying equipment. Public health personnel and community health care providers will be trained to prevent and control malaria.

The project aims at achieving a 50 percent reduction of malaria cases in targeted areas and is designed to prevent the spread of malaria into uninfected parts of Azerbaijan and neighboring countries.

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