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Brief Independence in Azerbaijan

Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan - Flag and National Anthem

Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan
The lyrics for Azerbaijan's national anthem were written in 1919 by Ahmad Javad, a poet who was executed in 1937 for being a "counter-revolutionary". The music was written by composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov.

When Azerbaijan regained independence in 1991, it looked back to this earlier period of independence and readopted the same flag and national anthem.

The flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan, established in 1991 was based on the design of the flag created during the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan (1918-1920). The colors symbolize - Blue (Turkic), Red (Modern), Green (Islamic). The Crescent and eight-pointed star are Turkic symbols. Azerbaijan is the only republic that depicts religion in the bottom stripe.

Azerbaijan National Hymn

Listen to the National Anthem

Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan!
Cherished land of valiant sons,
We are ready to give our heart and life for you.
All of us can give our blood for you.
Live happily with your three-colored banner.
Live happily with your three-colored banner.
Thousands of souls were sacrificed for you.
Your chest became a battlefield.
Soldiers who deprived themselves of their lives,
Each of them became a hero.
May you become a flourishing garden.
We are ready to give our heart and soul for you.
A thousand and one endearments are in my heart.
And uphold your honor.
To raise your banner
And uphold your honor,
All the youth are eager.
Cherished land, Cherished land.
Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan!
Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan!

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