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Winter 1998 (6.4)

Architecture of the Oil Baron Period
American Embassy

Azadlig 83 (Freedom Avenue)

American Embassy in AzerbaijanThe American Embassy was renovated in 1993 and houses the residency as well as governmental offices.

The grand building that now serves as the American Embassy and the Ambassadorial Residence was supposedly built by the architect of the Hajinski residence located next to the Maiden's Tower. It is said that the architect diverted money and construction materials from that project to build his own three-story mansion, which now houses the American Embassy.

During the Soviet period, the building housed the Library of the Medical Institute. In 1993, while Richard Miles held the post of Ambassador, restoration of the attractive mansion was begun and a new wing added. Today, in addition to the residence and the political, economic and consular offices, the Embassy holds a library containing Baku's largest collection of English language books, reference materials and periodicals.

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