During Key West Talks
For the Resolution of the Karabakh Conflict

Azerbaijani Movement Calls on Government to Walk out of Karabakh Peace Talks

Source: Zerkalo, in Russian
Date: May 31, 2001

Report by Azerbaijani newspaper Zerkalo on May 31 entitled "Pro-Azerbaijani Forces are in favour of halting the peace talks"
In their opinion, the country's leadership should get down to concrete actions. The Karabakh conflict peace talks process should be halted. This is the opinion of representatives of the Union of pro-Azerbaijani Forces (UPF), who think that it is necessary to take urgent measures to liberate the occupied territories. What is meant is the well-known patriotic war model.

Araz Alizade, cochairman of the Social Democratic Party of Azerbaijan [SDPA], who addressed a news conference yesterday, said that despite the ostensible calm, quite a tense process is going on in society. He believes that uncertainty can already be felt in the government's position since it is facing a dilemma - to choose a pro-Western or pro-Russian course. "Although the key to settling the Karabakh problem is above all in the hands of the people. For this reason, the country's leadership, using the constitutional authority invested in it, should start acting today. Otherwise, the opposition should demand the resignation of the current regime," Alizade pointed out.

The activities of the right-wing opposition do not suit the UPF either. In Alizade's opinion, the right-wing opposition is jockeying for position in the future presidential elections instead of discussing Azerbaijan's current situation, especially the Karabakh problem, and
achieving an improvement in the situation.

As for the rally of the "pro-Musavat" Democratic Congress, which has been set for 9 June according to preliminary information, the UPF does not mind taking part in an opposition-wide rally. But given that the initiators of the action have imposed a kind of taboo on some of the opposition attending it, the pro-Azerbaijani forces have decided not to
touch on this subject for the time being.

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