During Key West Talks
For the Resolution of the Karabakh Conflict

Armenian Resistance Movement Critical of Current Stage in Karabakh Talks: BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom, Apr 10, 2001

Armenian News Agency, Noyan Tapan, Yerevan, in Russian, Apr 10, 2001

Yerevan, 10 April: Information about the Florida negotiations, albeit scanty, allows us to conclude that the Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents could finally reach an agreement on general principles, Musheg Lalayan, political representative of the Armenian Resistance Movement, has told Noyan Tapan.

He believes that the problem of the Megri communication and transport corridor is still on the agenda, and "probably, this is the reason why member-countries of the OSCE Minsk Group are trying to reach agreement on this issue with Iran as well". Lalayan stressed that it had been said more than once that providing this corridor and deploying international forces there significantly damaged Armenia's national and state interests. In addition, this is a serious blow to Iran as well - both from the view of its national security and geopolicy.

As for Russia's current position on this problem, Lalayan does not rule out that Russia "will surprise everyone" in the next few months: "I cannot say what this will be, but I see Russia's behaviour as bit strange. I do not think that the scenario implemented by the USA today will be definitely acceptable to Russia."

The representative of the Armenian Resistance described the current negotiations and the Megri option, which was allegedly discussed at them, as a serious problem "which should be overcome". In his opinion, it is important to look for new methods of resistance in the next months before the Geneva meeting, and the authorities should be the first to do this. In particular, it is necessary to find appropriate allies both inside and outside the country.

"However, if indeed there are no other resistance methods, the leadership itself should agree to a power change. But this should be done skillfully and smoothly in order to protect the country from internal upheaval," Musheg Lalayan said.
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