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Armenian Security Ministry Denies Holding Azerbaijani Children Prisoner

Source: Snark, in Russian, 0915 GMT
Date: June 4, 2001

Text of report by Armenian News Agency Snark
Yerevan, June 4: The Armenian National Security Ministry has assessed an Azerbaijani report that 63 Azerbaijani children are allegedly being kept prisoner in Armenia as another piece of misinformation aimed at discrediting Armenia in the eyes of the world community. The report was disseminated by the Baku-based Turan news agency that quoted the chairwoman of the Children's organization of Azerbaijan and member of the Milli Maclis [parliament], Gulara Ahmadova.

This report is completely divorced from reality, the press service of the Armenian National Security Ministry has told a Snark correspondent. The ministry has more than once denied inventions about POWs, hostages, etc. created by Azerbaijani propaganda and distorted figures presented by Baku, the ministry's press service stressed.
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