During Key West Talks
For the Resolution of the Karabakh Conflict

Azeri Leader Slams UN for Inaction

BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom, May 31, 2001

Text of report by Azerbaijani TV station ANS on May 30.

[Presenter] The UN Security Council's 1993 resolutions on settling the Karabakh conflict remain dead letters, though eight years have passed since they were adopted. Receiving the outgoing UN resident coordinator in Azerbaijan today, President [Heydar] Aliyev voiced his displeasure with the UN's inaction on this issue. Qanira Pasayeva has the details.

[Correspondent over video of the meeting] During his meeting today with UN Resident Coordinator in Azerbaijan Ercan Murat, President Heydar Aliyev criticized the UN stand on the Karabakh problem. The president was not satisfied by Mr Murat's words that the UN supports a peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and will render Azerbaijan the necessary assistance when the conflict is settled.

[Heydar Aliyev] The problem should first be resolved peacefully. Unfortunately, I have to say that however bitter this sounds, the UN and its Security Council are very passive in resolving this problem.

[Correspondent] Heydar Aliyev also touched on the problem of Armenia disregarding UN resolutions which recognize the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and demand the liberation of the occupied territories. We have repeatedly raised this problem at the UN, but unfortunately this has yielded no result, the president said. The fact that the OSCE Minsk Group is engaged in settling the problem does not absolve the UN Security Council of responsibility. Heydar Aliyev asked Ercan Murat and the heads of other UN agencies working in Azerbaijan to bring the country's discontent and demands to the notice of the UN leadership and Security Council.

[Heydar Aliyev] We are waiting for real deeds and real results. You probably know better than others the situation of refugees, the conditions in which people are living in tents. No country in the world has so many refugees. No country in the world has people who have lost their land and homes living in such difficult conditions. However, it is natural that the indifferent attitude of international organizations to these problems amazes and hurts us.

[Correspondent] The UN resident coordinator gave the following answer - we have clearly heard your message and will bring it to the notice of the UN Secretary-general.

Ganira Pashayeva and Hikmat Asgarov, ANS.
Source: ANS TV, Baku, in Azeri 1600 gmt 30 May 01
/BBC Monitoring/ © BBC.
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