During Key West Talks
For the Resolution of the Karabakh Conflict

Armenian Newspaper Says Common State Principle to Make Basis of New Proposals of OSCE Minsk Group

by Staff Writers

Source: Aravot newspaper

04.13.01 -YEREVAN -The common state principle will make the basis of the new proposals of the OSCE Minsk Groups co-chairs. This was published in the Yerevan-based opposition newspaper Aravot with the reference to reliable sources being close to Russias Embassy in Armenia. According to the article, the plan envisions that Azerbaijans occupied Lachin region and Nagorno Karabakh will set up a separate state with wider powers than those envisioned in the common state proposal submitted to the conflicting parties earlier. At the same time, the newspapers source says that the Armenian side was suggested to immediately return the controlled territories. The question of the return of refugees was put sharply enough. According to the source, it was the only moment to which the Armenian side made reservation during the Key West talks on April 3-6. The source also says the groups co-chairs suggested to open a corridor through Armenias southern region of Mehri for restoration of the railway connection between Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. The newspaper further writes that the co-chairs presented the suggestion as an extremely necessary move for economic development of Armenia. Asked if it was true that Russian troops will ensure the corridors safety, the source said they (Russian troops) werent the question. But on the whole, the question on placement of international peacekeeping forces remains open and will, to all appearances, be discussed in Geneva, the newspaper writes. Commenting on the publication, the ex-state advisor on foreign policy of Azerbaijan, Vafa Guluzadeh said unification of Nagorno Karabakh and Lachin cold be possible only if Armenians cede Mehri to Azerbaijan. If not, they will have to confine themselves to being an autonomy within Azerbaijan, Mr Guluzadeh said. In his turn, the U.S. Ambassador to Armenia, Michael Lemmon told Radio Liberty that any
compromise variant of resolution of the problem would be difficult for all conflicting parties.
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