During Key West Talks
For the Resolution of the Karabakh Conflict

Azerbaijan Won't Accept Package Variant of Karabakh Resolution

by Lala Gafarli

Source: ANS

04.13.01 - BAKU - Vafa Guluzade, a politologist and former state advisor on foreign affairs, reckons that the new proposals to be made by the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs will not repeat those made before. "Even if they are like before, the new proposals will be worth discussion," Mr. Guluzade said. Politologist Rasim Musabayov says Azerbaijan has once rejected the package variant of resolution of the conflict which suited Armenia.

Mr. Musabayov said, "I'm sure that the new proposals will be based on the previous ones. There is a principal moment: Azerbaijan has announced that and the United States, too, supported the idea that Azerbaijans territorial integrity couldn't be a subject of discussions."

Another politologist and ex-foreign minister of Azerbaijan, Tofig Zulfugarov said it didn't sound real that the package variant will be given preference in the new proposals. According to him, Armenias Foreign Minister Vardan Oskanian said two years ago that the package variant would take at least 8 years for the conflict to be adjusted. Then refugees and internally displaced persons will have to live in tents during those 8 years. But its impossible, Mr Zulfugarov said. According to the politologist, Azerbaijan wont accept the package variant.
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