Ali aur Nino
(Ali and Nino)

Urdu (Pakistani) 1993

"Mohabbat ke char novel"
Published under the title of "Four Novels about Love"

Kurban Said - Ali and Nino
Victor Hugo - The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Erich Segall - Love Story
Françoise Sagan - Wonderful Clouds

Translated by Sattar Tahir
Published by Maqbul Academy
Lahore: Pakistan

Translation of the back cover:

"Since ancient times, love is a topic that continues to be discussed. Despite hatred, hunger, wars and poverty that plague the world in which we live today if human hearts have not been drained of their emotional attachments, it is, perhaps, due to love. Fortunately, the great writers and poets of all times still have not been able to exhaust all dimensions of love. And, therefore, the true colors and other factors related to love have not fully been explained.

"Love is the greatest secret of the world. 'Muhabbet ke char novel' (Four Novels about Love) is a compilation of four novels written by different writers in different countries and in different time periods which have been selected by Mr. Sattar Tahir and translated into the Urdu language. These four novels are a true reflection of the eternal secret phenomenon of the emotion of love."

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